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Amato Legal Search, Inc.
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Information for Employers Seeking to Fill a Postion
We place junior and senior level attorneys in law firms and corporations of all sizes.

We understand the importance of expeditiously finding the right attorney for the position you seek to fill. 

We will:

1) Take the necessary steps to fully understand your firm or company culture and your practice/business focus. 

2) Screen candidates for the specific criteria that are important to you. These criteria may include academic credentials, work experience, salary expectations, personality, employment stability, work hours expectations, ability to travel, writing skills or any other job related criteria that may be critical to the position.

3) Submit only those candidates who meet the criteria that matter to you. 

4) Advise you early on if it appears that a search will be particularly difficult.

5) Be available to discuss general matters such as market conditions, compensation trends, candidate pools, legal specialties in demand etc.

6) Provide you with clear information about our fee structure.

7) Draw on our national network of trusted recruiters to insure that you are getting the very best pool of candidates. All candidates we receive from our network will be screened by us. You will get the service, effort and resources of multiple recruiters but you will only deal with us.

8) Facilitate the hiring process by assisting with scheduling, securing writing samples and transcripts, checking references or whatever is necessary for your specific search.

9) Offer, upon request, a guarantee so as to minimize the risk to you. We stand by our placements.

10) Provide client references upon request.

For more information please contact amato@amatolegalsearch.com or call 410-750-7550.

We pledge to give your search personal service to achieve the desired result.
Amato Legal Search, Inc.
2321 Old Maple Court 
Ellicott City, MD  21042